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Parent Board

Parent involvement is a key component to the daily operation and success of our co-op school. By joining BEPS, parents have the opportunity to participate in many aspects of our school, including co-oping in the classroom, serving on the Parent Board and being a member of a parent committee.

The Preschool Director and the Parent Board Chair work together closely to ensure that BEPS maintains the highest standards in early childhood education and continues to offer a variety of enriching programs that support our community, both during school and outside of school hours. Members of the Parent Board oversee a variety of parent committees, including Holiday, Tzedakah, Fundraising Partnerships, Teacher Appreciation and more. 

The 2023-2024 Parent Board is composed of the following parent officers:

  • Chair/Treasurer, Lauren Feldman

  • Vice Chair/Secretary, Mini Macnab Issembert

  • Admissions/Governance, Caroline Ostro

  • Class Liaisons, Lauren Breitenother & Eva Davis

  • Holidays, Michelle Bronzo

  • Marketing, Stephanie Lieberman

  • Partnerships, Nikki Sandell & Emily Unger

  • Social, Andrea Al-Attar

  • The Big Event co-chairs, Lindsay & Justin Meyers

  • Sunshine, Tracy Dubin & Amanda Schmelzer

  • Teacher Appreciation, Stephanie Kimel

  • Tzedakah, Lyndsay Magid & Camilla Zugman

Parent Board Stipend 

The Parent Board Chair and Vice Chair are entitled to partial tuition scholarships as determined by the Parent Board. 


Every family in BEPS, excluding Board members, must sign up for a committee. BEPS relies on parents to organize and staff social events, family holiday celebrations and fundraisers throughout the year. The Chair and Vice Chair make committee assignments over the summer, based on parent preferences. Board members will notify parents of their committee assignments via email in August and committees will meet via Zoom and/or in-person in September.

BEPS Parent Committees include (but are not limited to): Class Liaison, Holidays, Partnerships, Social, Special Events, Sunshine, Teacher Appreciation and Tzedakah.

Fundraising events are held throughout the year to raise money for our school. BEPS depends on the money raised through these events to support curriculum enrichments and school improvements. The school may also initiate major fundraising efforts for targeted purposes, over and above our usual fundraising projects. We count on the support of our families to make these efforts a success. 


BEPS celebrates many Jewish holidays, facilitates tzedakah projects, and hosts teacher appreciation activities throughout the year. Parent helpers are often needed to shop, set up and participate in these celebrations. Your participation helps to make these events successful for the children and families at BEPS and is greatly appreciated.

To contact the Parent Board, please email

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