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School Year Programs


BEPS offers fun and engaging learning opportunities for children ages 15 months to five years. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum focuses on six areas: Approaches to Learning & Play; Language Development; Cognitive Development/Academic Readiness; Health & Physical Development; Social-Emotional Development; and Judaism & Spirituality. We provide a balanced program that includes individual, small group and large group activities; free choice and structured play choices; and a mix of teacher directed and child initiated activities. Judaism is infused into all of our classrooms, with a schoolwide focus on holidays, Shabbat and tikkun olam (repairing the world).


Tot Shabbat

Celebrate Shabbat with your baby or toddler at our weekly musical program. This program is free of charge and is open to all! 


Mazel Tots

A baby and toddler program that meets one day per week for play time, music, dancing, art, snack time and more! Children must be accompanied by an adult. This class feeds into the Twos program the following school year.

Tiny Twos

Toddlers attend class two days per week with a parent or caregiver to explore, play, sing, dance and learn to socialize with other children. Parents and caregivers attend class with the children in the fall and transition out by early winter. This class feeds into the Twos program the following school year.


Two-year-olds learn how to separate from parents and caregivers, build relationships with teachers and play alongside other children. Throughout the year, children are introduced to and begin to learn about holidays and other concepts through play, music and hands-on activities. We offer two options for our Twos: 3 days per week and 5 days per week. 


Three-year-olds learn about friendship and independence and build their problem solving skills. Children further explore and learn about the Jewish and secular holidays that were introduced previously and begin to learn pre-academic concepts that will carry over into the next year. Our Threes classes meet five days per week.

Pre-K (Fours)

Four-year-olds deepen their understanding of Judaism and explore the Torah with Parsha Lady, while continuing to develop a wide variety of skills, including pre-academic math and literacy skills. Children participate in a variety of play-based activities that will prepare them for a smooth transition to Kindergarten the following year.  Our Pre-K classes meet five days per week. 

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