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Our Class Offerings


Beth El  Preschool is a play based school, offering a range of fun, stimulating and engaging learning opportunities for children ages 15 months to five years. Our classes focus on physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. We provide a balanced program of active and quiet activities, as well as individual, small group and large group activities, free and structured play choices, and a mix of teacher directed and child initiated activities. Judaism is infused into our daily teaching with a special focus on holidays, Shabbat and tikkun olam.

Mazel Tots

A baby and toddler program that meets once a week for group play, songs and dancing. For babies and toddlers who are 15 - 24 months old.

Tiny Twos

Twice-a-week class for children turning 2 years old between September 1, 2022 to March 1, 2023. Parents and caregivers attend class with the children in the fall and transitions out in late January.

Two-Year Olds

Our 2s begin to build their independence in our three-day and five-day 2s classes. Our program is  for children who turn 2 before Sept 1.

Three-Year Olds

Friendships grow and communication skills develop in our 3s program. Our program is five-days a week for children who turn 3 before Sept 1.

Pre-K (Four-Year Olds)

Children continue to develop social and emotional skills and pre-academic skills are introduced using developmentally appropriate practices. Our program prepares our 4-year-olds for a smooth transition to Kindergarten the following year and is five days a week for children who turn 4 before Sept 1.

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